Things to do

There is much to see and do around the area, but you could just take in the views from the porch or stroll around the cottage garden while you plan your day….or stroll over the hillside farm and meet our many friendly animals.  Revel in the peace of country life, soak in the history of our Irish settlers and one of our local bushrangers (who resided with his family on Avaleigh).


The mushroom season is generally from March until May but it does depend on the rainfall. If it is a very dry Autumn there may not be any mushrooms. If it is a normal, damp Autumn, there are amazing wild mushrooms to gather in the forest adjacent to Avaleigh Elms, with the edible ones being the Slippery Jacks and the Saffron Milk Caps.

Before going mushrooming, it’s a great idea to go to the Visitor Information Centre in Oberon to make sure you know just what you are looking for and most importantly, the mushrooms to avoid!


There are a number of coffee shops in Oberon where you can find a great coffee as well as delicious locally prepared food. The Oberon Farmers’ Market is held on the first Saturday of every month and there is also a market at Tarana which is held on the fourth Sunday of every month. There you will find all kinds of fresh, locally produced food and wines as well as plants, grass fed meats and garden ornaments.

Kayak on Lake Oberon for the most scenic paddle around!


Horse riding is available nearby with hour rides for children being the most popular.   If you wish, you can bring your own horse to Avaleigh Elms. You can ride out into the forest for hours of cool, shady riding amongst the pine trees on quiet dirt roads. There is a safe yard on water for your horse close to the cottage.

If you prefer wheels to hoofs there is also the opportunity to go four wheel bike riding just 15 minutes from Avaleigh Elms.


The opportunities for hiking are numerous around the area. The Kanangra-Boyd National Park is close as is the Abercrombie National Park. The Six Foot Track along the Megalong Valley is about an hour away with day walks along the Cox’s River being an excellent day hike. Kanangra Walls is a fantastic excursion, with views over the Megalong Valley to take your breath away. Walk out to the plateau for some great cliff top excitement! Blenheim Forest and Evans Crown are also enjoyable short walks around Oberon.


The roads are wide and the choices are many if you like the speed of a bicycle. Ride down to Mayfield Garden or into Oberon and then carry on down the Rail Trail for a circular route back to town. The roads are generally undulating which makes for a really enjoyable outing on your bike.


Lake Oberon is regularly stocked with trout. There is also redfin in the lake. You can fish from the shore or go out in a canoe or kayak, or a sailing boat but no power boats are permitted.

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